Do you have a puppy? And do you habituate him?

What is habituation and why is it so important?

Has your breeder done habituations? How are you going to bite it yourself?

This warm and nice ball of fur has finally arrived in your home. You hug and stroke her every day. You think a lot about how to best prepare your pet for a life full of excitement, so that it will be a great adventure for you. Not with torments.
That every sound in the house does not arouse fear in him, that every dog ​​met on a walk does not cause barking.
And that’s what’s the easiest way to use Habituacja. The concept is often mistakenly mentioned with socialization.
Habituation is simply a disappearing reaction to a stimulus, a gradual getting used to something that is still in our environment.
This is the moment you set your alarm clock so loud to be sure to wake up. One morning works. You think that even the deceased would wake up and probably all the neighbors woke up too. One day passes, another and another. After a few weeks, you find that boy … you overslept. Your loud alarm clock did not wake you this time. You got used to it. And that’s what habituation is.
Sounds cool?

Find out more from me how to use habituations to make your furry accept your common surroundings:

To sleep peacefully hearing the doorbell.
Ignored your alarm clock, giving you time to get dressed before your morning pee.
He slept soundly on the couch and roomba quietly vacuumed the floor.

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