I want a dog! Yes, and it’s best tomorrow!
This moment in your life has finally come. You have a busy job, home, family and you decide it’s time. Maybe as a child, you had a dog at home and loved him more than life. Or your parents never let you on it because it would make your house too dirty. Now you’ve decided to buy a dog yourself.

You choose your race, you sit down at the computer and start searching. There are a few kennel names and a long list of ads on olx. A pair of puppies for a low price are available immediately. Nothing but a quick transfer and go get the dog. Are you sure this is a good idea? There is also an announcement about signing up for a litter, the price is a little higher and you have to wait. Well, what the hell, you live once.

You call from the indicated number and drive a hundred kilometers to get the dog. Yes, it is available and waiting for you today. On the way, you will drive your puppy to the pet store and buy him a small layette on your way back.
You arrive there and there is barking in the big house. You enter the room and you see a little rolled up ball waiting for you. Still wet, freshly washed, and shivering from the cold.
You shyly look around for those dogs you hear but can’t see. You ask about the puppy’s siblings, but in response you hear that they are already at home and the last one has stayed.
And mom is on a walk. Well, it happens. You can see that no further questions make sense. You only ask for some paper for a dog, then you get a quickly written sales contract.
You wrap your dog in a blanket taken from home and get into the car.

Already after the first 20 kilometers, the dog vomits, and you wish you had more blankets and a paper towel. And that you came by yourself to get the dog.
The road is endless. Finally, close to the house, you stand in front of a pet store, you quickly come by with a puppy, try to choose a leash, harness and some food so that the poor one does not starve to death.
You walk into the house with a small ball and put it on the blanket in the corner. The puppy is still shaking, he has dealt rarely a few times and you feel that something is wrong. You are looking for a vet in panic. You finally find some clinic open Saturday night. You go with your dog to the doctor.

After the visit, it turns out that you adopted a dog from a pseudo-kennel. Nobody treated him off, no one vaccinated him, he was probably seeing the vet for the first time in his life. He should stay with his mother at least two more weeks, but for the breeder it costs a lot, so it’s better to spend the dog faster.
You come back a few hundred lighter, in a net of drugs and you don’t know what to do next. Because the breeder has told you nothing about feeding, walking, playing with the dog. You didn’t have time to read the book either.
As the saying goes, “Haste is a bad adviser.”

That is why it is worth waiting for the puppy of your dreams at home.

Take time to read the books:
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Do good research and choose a good breeder:
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Prepare a layette before you bring your new dog home:

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