In market research, many dog ​​owners still indicate dry food as the healthiest food choice for their dog.

There are also many myths about this type of food about its miraculous properties. We are talking about (ultra-processed) dry food available in bags from all possible producers.

Have you ever heard that crunches wonderfully help keep teeth clean?

Well, no, this is the first and one of the most damaging myths. Why? Because not only do they help in anything, but even make the stone build up on these snow-white tusks like a wild boar!

Excessive mineral content in the food and water drunk after a dry meal greatly support the deposition of plaque and plaque on the dog’s teeth. And diseased teeth are pain that can translate into your dog’s aggressive behavior.

Did your vet tell you that this is the only way to provide your dog with all the nutrients?

Again, any form of food that has an expiration date longer than this week after opening cannot be healthy. Dry food to have such a long shelf life is highly thermally processed and subjected to chemical preservation.

And only after all the natural ingredients are rinsed out, the manufacturer adds chemical mixtures with vitamins and minerals to it. After some time, they also change their composition after opening the package (e.g. they oxidize).

Have you heard that you should keep dry food in the refrigerator after opening and use it quickly? So much for buying these 12 kg packages …

At room temperature and 50% moisture in the crisps, spores of mold, bacteria and fungi quickly hatch, which have an impact on your pet’s health. A sore tummy is also a common cause of your dog’s lack of energy.

Did you also think that dry is the most balanced meal you can give a furry?

Yes, as a dog owner you are often unsure if this choice is the best for your doggie? You just want to give him the best. Once you cook a pot of meat with rice, it will not be the healthiest balanced meal.

If you have a dry package at home, take it in your hand and check … the manufacturer did not tell you how many carbohydrates are in the analytical composition on it.

You must first add up these numerous percentages of protein, fat, and ash, plus any other traces, to subtract that number from 100%. And you just know … how many percent of sugar is in your dog’s food. Why is it so important?

Think about how sugar influences your behavior, how after the last packet of marshmallow you suddenly had an increase in energy, and after an hour, two hours a descent. It is exactly the same for your dog after eating something that has 30% sugar (yes, Acana has that much).

What’s more, Grain Free (or gluten-free food) requires the addition of corn or potatoes, and this is starch in its pure form. Simple sugar to increase that sugar high even more. Do you understand now what could be the cause of your dog’s hyperactivity and reactivity?

Is that why I am writing to you about all this here? After all, I’m a trainer, not a dietitian.

In my work with you and your dog, I approach you comprehensively and start with choosing good food. Good, that is, one that is healthy and balanced for your dog and which you can easily and quickly prepare. Because what your dog eats has a huge impact on his behavior!

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